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Bernard Rands


1. A photograph I took of Luciano sitting on the roof of his house in Lingueglietta – August 1962. He was composing Passaggio that summer. We along with Umberto Eco had just returned from the English Festival at Dartington and had driven across Europe – an unforgettable journey in unforgettable company.


2. The photo of the two of us was taken in April, 1993 in Philadelphia. As the Philadelphia Orchestra’s composer in residence, I had programmed Epifanie and Luciano came there to conduct it (Photo ©: Don Springer).



3. Elegia is the number IV of my Twelve Preludes for Piano. The music is reproduced by permission of Schott Music Inc., New York and Mainz.

4. The audio of Elegia is a performance by pianist Robert Levin at the Ruhr International Piano Festival, Essen. Germany.