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John Chowning

As part of the preparation for the opening of IRCAM in 1977, Pierre Boulez brought his entire team to Stanford University in August 1975 for ten days of work on the CCRMA computer music system. During these days Luciano asked me to compose a piece for IRCAM’s opening concert series Perspectives of the 20th Century. Stria was presented on October 13, 1977 at the Centre Pompidou. Immediately following the concert, Luciano made a thoughtful, critical comment about its form. I immediately went to the studio and made a change. His comment led to a better piece and a better composer—and I am one of many whom he inspired through the greatness of his music. Thank you, Luciano.

John Chowning
May 5, 2013 — Palo Alto, California


Luciano Berio speaking with Annie Dolber and John Chowning. Stanford University, 1975. Photo by Patte Wood.