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Fabi√°n Panisello

My fascination with the work of Berio dates back to my time in Buenos Aires: through recordings and scores, I discovered works such as Circles, Sinfonia, Chemins IV, Coro, Visage …

I then had my first personal encounter in Salzburg when I was a student there, and I still vividly remember how he spontaneously stepped before the orchestra that was performing Requies in the framework of a Master Class, and the orchestra unexpectedly began to sound in a dramatically new way.

Later, at the Escuela Superior de M√ļsica Reina Sof√≠a in Madrid, I had the privilege of being his assistant and preparing the orchestra in a program dedicated to his work: he was delighted with the result, and for me this was the beginning of a relationship of extraordinary interest and learning that lasted until his death.

In the Escuela Superior de M√ļsica Reina Sof√≠a, Berio admired a model of high quality, rigor and excellence and he invited the orchestra of the school to the Parco della Musica, where he generously insisted that the premi√®re of my Concerto per Violino should be included.

This concert took place on the 6th February 2004, conducted by Hansj√∂rg Schellenberger, and it included the Brandenburg Concerto Number 1 by Bach, the Triple Concerto by Beethoven, O¬īKing by Berio and my own Concierto per Violino in memoriam Luciano Berio.

Fabi√°n Panisello

June 2013