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Selene Berio Fortini

I know my grandfather loved the sea, and he loved Lingueglietta too, a little village on the
Riviera he 'discovered'... I had the opportunity to go there a few years ago with my mom.
She told me that many many years ago, my grandfather was spending some time with his parents in Oneglia, but their home was too noisy for him to work, so he drove around the coast till he landed in this little forgotten place. He was the first outsider to buy a house there (now it's filled with foreigners) and he would often take my mom with him, Cristina, who was around 7 at the time. One day she was playing with the construction sand in front of the house, building a 'Greek village' under the olive tree that is still there today. My grandfather came out to admire it and asked her how it was called. When she said she didn't know, he suggested she called it Selene, like the Greek Goddess of the Moon. Mom never forgot about it and years later when she found out she was expecting me, she immediately knew I was a girl and decided to call me Selene. In homage of my grandfather I am posting the view at sunrise from the Lingueglietta house that used to be his, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It was taken from the room where he used to sleep and compose.